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 How to get reports


The NetDirect system is designed to process your request within minutes. The report will be uploaded to the website and an e-mail will be sent to you giving information as to how to download the report and print the same.

AV-Reader is a viewer utility from Astro-Vision. This can be used for viewing and printing the astrology report files from Astro-Vision. This program supports standard Astro-Vision Report (*.pdf) files. It is capable of handling multiple languages. If the necessary fonts are not available in your computer, the program will automatically download the fonts from Astro-Vision web server. The Download Manager utility helps to download not only the necessary fonts, but also the free updates of the reader.

AV-Reader does not carry any advertisement material, irritating pop ups, cookies or trackers. You need to install avreader in your computer only once. Afterwards, you will be able to view all types of astrovisioon reports easily. Only the first time, downloading and installation takes a little time! Please bear with us.

Download AV-Reader

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Although the system is capable of processing your request within minutes, there could be delays due to system maintenance or Internet failures or reasons beyond the control of Astro-Vision. In case you do not receive the ordered report within 24hrs kindly contact the Webmaster through e-mail or telephone.

Land line: 0484-2535482,0484-2336924,0484-2343925.

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